Chemical Peel /
Fruit Acid

Fruit acid is a very effective treatment that is tailored to your specific needs – whether it is sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin color, acne and more. It is a modern and gentle fruit acid treatment (pH 3.5) that can actively reduce acne breakouts and pigment spots after only 3-4 treatments and which has a strong anti-aging effect.


Chemical Peel / Fruit Acid

All you have to do is lie on a nice comfortable couch with relaxing background music and closed eyes. I start with cleanse, peel tailored to provide you best results followed by mask and after care products. The treatment takes about 45-60min. Finally, you get a nourishing, moisturizing, fresh, young looking skin.


Types & Pricing

Meso Acne Peel – 1 treatment

795 kr

We treat clients who have actinic keratosis (sun damage), comedon and inflammatory acne, medium-deep acne, hypo-pigmentation or rosacea with this peel. To ensure the best result, a course of 3 or 6 times is recommended.

Meso Melanin Peel – 1 treatment:

795 kr

We treat customers who have light and dark pigment spots (solar lentigo or melasma), unwanted freckles, gray / dull skin, or skin with uneven skin tone on the face or body. To ensure the best result, a course of 3 or 6 times is recommended.

3 Chemical Peel treatments cost

1,895 kr

Including aftercare kit.

6 Chemical Peel treatments cost

3,595 kr

Including aftercare kit.

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Amazing results · Great deals · Professional products & services

Absolutely fantastic waxing services! The best I’ve had…..and I’ve had many done. Also a really neat and clean eyebrow threading. …

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Jeanne Yasko
Leader/ Rehearsal Director - NIMBLE

Luxurious experience - Best salon - Highly professional cosmetologist - Great products

I have always had the absolute best experience every time I walked in! The beautician is beyond amazing! I have …

Hiba H Read More »

Hiba H

Highly professional - Knowledgeable - Amazing results

Ritika has a great & cozy salon place with a wide variety of high quality products & wonderful brands. She …

Nicole Fung Read More »

Nicole Fung

Professional services with beautiful results

I have had a very pleasant luxurious facial from Reetika. She does everything she can for you to have a …

Gabriela Peralta Schurmann Read More »

Gabriela Peralta Schurmann

Luksuriøs oplevelse

Jeg har igår været inde hos søde Reetika og fået lavet lashlift & brows lamination. Jeg er ovenud lykkelig for …

Karolina Maria Olczak Read More »

Karolina Maria Olczak

Luxurious experience with my Best Brow Stylist

Thank you so much for the wonderful work you do on your clients! I love my eyebrows every time i …

Sunshine Tiempo-Kroer Read More »

Sunshine Tiempo-Kroer

Best Salon

Love this place! I always come here to get my nails and eyebrows done. Once a month, I also like …

Iustina Lambru Read More »

Iustina Lambru
Brand Manager - Flizz

Finest Brow stylist

I have been using Reetika’s treatments since the summer of 2021 and I only choose her for my eyebrow threading. …

Irina Dicusara Read More »

Irina Dicusara
Founder - Nordicasual & IDconsult

Amazing results - highly professional & high quality products

Had my first appointment here and loved every bit of my experience with Reetika. She did a great job with …

Sharmila Andy Read More »

Sharmila Andy
Safety Quality Control Professional - Novo Nordisk
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