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You and your body must be followed for the rest of your life, and therefore it is important to take good care of it so that it not only appears healthy, but also thrives physiologically. In a stressful and hectic everyday life, muscle tension can quickly arise, which can be difficult to release.

During massage, the muscles loosen slowly and the blood circulation around the muscle fibers increases. Thus, accumulated waste products are removed while the muscles are fed with oxygen and nutrients.

At the same time, your body finally gets peace of mind to relax and breathe out – when your blood pressure is lowered, the secretion of the stress hormone cortisol is stopped, and massage can therefore also be a good shortcut to get rid of palpitations and worries. Our massage treatments are based on you, your body and your personal needs, and are tailored by our skilled therapists, with exactly the products that suit you.

different types

Full Body Massage


Comfortable but effective body massage based on long, calm, and de-stressing roof with warm, organic aromatherapeutic oils, selected according to clients need and desire.


In-depth body massage with a focus on releasing the body's deep-seated myoses and tensions. Hot, organic aromatherapeutic oils are used, selected according to need and desire.


Hot stone is a form of massage in which heated lava stones are massaged with de-stressing, rolling and gentle movements on the body. The heat from the stones spreads slowly to the whole body, penetrates deep into the muscles and releases all tension.

The lava rock is heated and laid at strategic points on the body, where the heat from these penetrates into the depths and releases tension. At the same time, lubricate the body with oil and massage with about 50 degrees hot lava rock. The deep massage strokes, combined with the hot stones, provide a wonderful, relaxing and healing massage that relieves sore and stiff muscles.


Bamboo massage - a wonderful symphony of massage that goes in depth, with a touch of wellness from the heated bamboo sticks, which are used to massage with.


Types & Pricing


Aromatherapy Massage

510 kr

Deep Tissue Massage

595 kr

Hot stone Massage

550 kr

Bamboo Massage

550 kr


Neck and shoulder massage

250 kr

Head massage

200 kr


My guarantee to you

You will get your own customized massage oil blended right in front of you as per your mood, taste and preferences. After the massage when you walk out of salon, you will be completely relaxed, de-stressed, energized, in calm and composed mindset. You will always love coming back here and pamper yourself with massage.

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Amazing results · Great deals · Professional products & services

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Jeanne Yasko
Leader/ Rehearsal Director - NIMBLE

Luxurious experience - Best salon - Highly professional cosmetologist - Great products

I have always had the absolute best experience every time I walked in! The beautician is beyond amazing! I have …

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Hiba H

Highly professional - Knowledgeable - Amazing results

Ritika has a great & cozy salon place with a wide variety of high quality products & wonderful brands. She …

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Nicole Fung

Professional services with beautiful results

I have had a very pleasant luxurious facial from Reetika. She does everything she can for you to have a …

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Gabriela Peralta Schurmann

Luksuriøs oplevelse

Jeg har igår været inde hos søde Reetika og fået lavet lashlift & brows lamination. Jeg er ovenud lykkelig for …

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Karolina Maria Olczak

Luxurious experience with my Best Brow Stylist

Thank you so much for the wonderful work you do on your clients! I love my eyebrows every time i …

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Sunshine Tiempo-Kroer

Best Salon

Love this place! I always come here to get my nails and eyebrows done. Once a month, I also like …

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Iustina Lambru
Brand Manager - Flizz

Finest Brow stylist

I have been using Reetika’s treatments since the summer of 2021 and I only choose her for my eyebrow threading. …

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Irina Dicusara
Founder - Nordicasual & IDconsult

Amazing results - highly professional & high quality products

Had my first appointment here and loved every bit of my experience with Reetika. She did a great job with …

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Sharmila Andy
Safety Quality Control Professional - Novo Nordisk
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