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Comfort Zone Water Soul, ECO-FRIENDLY SPF 30 150ml, for face and body

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Comfort Zone Water Soul, ECO-FRIENDLY SPF30(150 ml),  is a waterproof sunscreen. It is a vegan, eco-sustainable SPF 30 sunscreen for the body and face that respects the marine environment and is very resistant to water. The formula protects the skin, keeps it soft and moisturized, all the while minimizing the impact of sunscreens on the marine environment.

  • REDUCED FILTER CONCENTRATION (-36%) compared to traditional protection factor
  • BROADCAST UVA / UVB PROTECTION that respects the marine environment
  • VERY WATER REFUSAL 80 minutes guaranteed protection

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Environmentally friendly sunscreen for you who want to take good care of your skin while leaving the LESS possible mark on the environment.

Water Soul FACTOR 30 is a vegan, sustainable and environmentally friendly sunscreen for face and body. It is neutral in scent and is quick to penetrate, leaving the skin soft and moisturized. The sunscreen formula protects the skin from the sun’s rays and is very resistant to water. The formula also minimizes the impact of sunscreens on the marine environment and coral reefs.

The sunscreen comes with smart pump function and contains 150 ml “Very Water Resistant”.

Why choose eco-friendly Water Soul sunscreen from Comfort Zone?
  • Reduced filter concentration (-36%) compared to traditional protection factor.
  • Broad-spectrum UVA / UVB protection that respects the marine environment.
  • Very water-repellent – up to 80 minutes guaranteed protection.
  • WITHOUT perfume, silicone, mineral oil.
  • 72% of the ingredients are of natural origin and not processed.
  • 100% Recycled bottle.
  • Water Soul is produced in Italy exclusively using renewable energy.
The formula contains the following ingredients, which protect against the sun and have an anti-aging effect:
  • Latest generation of UVA and UVB filters : That is, the formula is the concentration of photostable is carefully adjusted, to ensure complete protection with the lowest possible impact on the marine environment.
  • DNA protective biomimetic peptide : It activates and mimics the natural mechanisms the body itself possesses to protect against the sun’s rays. It helps repair and correct damage caused by light rays.
  • Abyssinian Oil: Extracted from the seeds of Crambe Abyssinica from Ethiopia and is extremely rich in Omega 6 and 9. These fatty acids help strengthen the skin’s natural lipid barrier and retain skin moisture as well as nourish.

Spread a generous layer 20 to 30 minutes before sunbathing. Apply a new coat every two hours, especially after sweating, being in the water or drying yourself with a towel.

The sunscreen is ideal for all skin types and because the formula is so water-repellent, it is particularly suitable for everyone who practices water sports. Light skin types should use the product more often.

Water Soul Sunscreen is also available in:

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