Organic Konjac – Butterfly Face & Body Gua Sha – Rose Quartz

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• More beautiful and smoother skin
• Reduces sagging skin
• Increases blood circulation
• Used to treat muscle pain and relaxation

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Gua Sha is an ancient beauty ritual from China that is becoming more and more popular worldwide.
The reason why this Gua sha is shaped like a butterfly is i.a. that it fits perfectly with our curves in the face. It is perfect for ending the day in a relaxing and comfortable way. By massaging the Gua Shua in the face, the muscles are relaxed and at the same time the waste products are excreted. The massage increases blood circulation which gives a healthy skin and body. If you sagging skin, it can reduce it and smooth and tighten the skin.

A box / case is included which can be carried in the bag, so you can carry it with you all day.

It is recommended that the skin should be cleansed from and one must apply either cream, oil, face mask or serum so that Gua Sha is not used on dry skin. Massage the face with deep, controlled strokes in upward and outward motions to follow the direction of the lymphatic pathway. Repeat each stroke 5-10 times. Notice how the different sides fit your face and body, and use the whole butterfly.


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