Organic Konjac – Collagen Face Mask

99.00kr. Inkl. moms

  • For Smoother skin
  • For moisturized and hydrated skin
  • For Beautiful Glow
  • For more uniform skin tone
  • For soothing and anti-redness
  • For creating softness and suppleness in skin

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This wonderful collagen mask is 100% natural and made from the root of the cognac plant. The mask contains Konjac glucomannan which is a super moisturizing ingredient. It puts a transparent water molecule membrane over the face and in this way increases the moisture intensity in the skin.

In order not to be delicious enough, one has also chosen to add another favorite ingredient in the mask, namely hyaluronic acid (sodium hyaluronate). As the molecular size of the hyaluronic acid bath is small, it can more easily penetrate deeper into the skin and thus provide more fullness, for a longer period of time.
The result is a moisture-boosted skin that can be seen by instantly smoother, fewer lines, and with a more beautiful glow in the skin.
I can recommend storing the mask in the refrigerator for an even more cooling and anti-inflammatory effect. And after use, you can simply put the mask back in the envelope with the hyaluronic acid bath and refrigerate again. The mask can be used up to 3 times within the same week.

Steps to guide you for your skincare:

  • Cleanse your face eg with a konjac face sponge and Gel based light face (that has natural/organic ingredients).Eg : Nimue, Sanzi Beauty Cleanser, Wash no 2 (vølve).
  • Then apply the collagen mask on the clean and dry skin.
  • Enjoy the mask for 5-10 min and then massage excess hyaluronic acid into the face and neck.
  • After use, rinse the mask lightly under the cold tap and wring out the water. Then you can pack it back in the envelope with the hyaluronic acid bath, close it tightly or in a bag and refrigerate.


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