RescueRXx Nail Cure Pen

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The award-winning CND ™ RescueRxx ™ contains ingredients that help repair, moisturize and care for your nails. Any damage to the nail will be repaired using just a single twist on the pen – a system developed for controlled and effective application. This is a “must-have” in the everyday bag, to ensure beautiful and resistant nails on the go. CND ™ RescueRxx ™ rebuilds and repairs damaged nails and is the rescue when you need quick help for nails that are very dry nails that break or fray easily. CND ™ RescueRxx ™ in a hands-on pen provides a fast, simple and controlled application with less product consumption, and shows noticeable difference in a few days.


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CND ™ (Creative Nail Design) is the world's largest provider of products and training for the professional nail industry, and the brand is characterized by innovation as well as high quality in products and training. The great passion for the nail industry has led to groundbreaking innovations such as the world's best-selling nail treatment SHELLAC ®, the long-lasting nail polish VINYLUX ™ and the restorative nail cure RescueRXx ™ - beauty favorites who have all won the Danish Beauty Award and many other awards. In addition, CND tilbyder offers both extensions with CND Brisa jelly and CND Acrylic , as well as delicious manicure and pedicure products.


CND ™ RescueRxx ™ should be used on a natural nail without nail polish. Apply as nail polish and massage in gently. Use 2-3 times daily, for up to 4 weeks. CND ™ RescueRxx ™ should not be used on the skin. Use RescueRxx with SolarOil for best results. RescueRxx does not replace the need for oil. Let RescueRxx work for at least 30 minutes before washing your hands or using SolarOil.


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