Organic Konjac – HairLove scalp brush – pink

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HairLove is made of a piece of medical silicone for optimal hygiene and can be cleaned with warm water and soap.

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Uhhhmmm! Pamper your hair and scalp with my new scalp brush :  HairLove. HairLove brushes life into your scalp and removes dead skin cells, dirt and accumulated styling products. This allows the hair to grow out better, and problems such as dandruff and dry or oily scalp are also improved.

Stimulation of the scalp is also important to promote blood circulation. Then the nutrients in the blood reach further to the hair roots, and you get healthier, fuller and more shiny hair.

In addition, it is just incredibly comfortable and relaxing to use HairLove for a few minutes on the scalp – for both children and adults. In the skull, we have an incredible number of attachments of muscles, and they can become very tense and cause headaches. Here, HairLove can also help resolve the tensions.


Use HairLove in dry hair in circular motions for the most beautiful scalp massage. You can also take HairLove under the shower and use it to work your shampoo well into the scalp so that it is completely clean.




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